Call of the Dead Released on Ps3

Activi­sion announced today the release of the Black Ops: Esca­la­tion DLC Map Pack on Playsta­tion 3. XBOX Live play­ers have had the priv­elege of play­ing the newest Black Ops zom­bies map for some time already. Jeal­ous Playsta­tion users will get their first crack at Romero, Trejo, Buffy, and the undead start­ing today. Call of the Dead fea­tures some Hol­ly­wood zom­bie slay­ing tal­ent, and it fea­tures one of the most cre­ative story setups in COD Zom­bies history.

As a lit­tle teaser, here’s the open­ing sequence from the new zom­bie map:

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Call of the Dead Weapons Glitch

This black ops zom­bies glitch allows mul­ti­ple weapons.  It’s dif­fi­cult and leaves the revive bar on the screen, but likely worth it for the extra firepower.

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Slinger Last Stand Glitch

This one is more of a bug than a glitch.  It allows you to swap to your pri­mary weapon while in last stand. Handy! Check out the video.


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Limited Edition Black Ops PS3 Bundle To Be Sold

Sony has announced that a lim­ited edi­tion PlaySta­tion bun­dle will be avail­able for pur­chase start­ing today.  The PlaySta­tion 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops Bun­dle com­bines a 160 GB PS3 con­sole with Treyarch’s Call of Duty: Black Ops and the First Strike DLC pack at a price tag of $299.99.

New PS3 Bundle to Include Black Ops, First Strike Add-on PackThe choice to bun­dle Call of Duty: Black Ops and the First Strike Con­tent Pack with the PlaySta­tion 3 is per­fect for any­one look­ing to bring home an incred­i­ble enter­tain­ment expe­ri­ence, that deliv­ers end­less hours of excite­ment through the games epic sin­gle player cam­paign, hugely pop­u­lar mul­ti­player on PlaySta­tion Net­work, or our fan favorite co-op Zom­bies mode,”  Stu­dio Head of Tre­yarch, Mark Lamia said. “And for those with 3D enabled tele­vi­sions, the game’s Cam­paign, Mul­ti­player and Zom­bies expe­ri­ences are seam­lessly set up for stereo­scopic 3D on the PS3 right out of the box.”

Black Ops in 3D is very cool (if a lit­tle bit headache-inducing), but 3D tele­vi­sions are still far from the norm, and Black Ops is fully enjoy­able on an old-school TV.   For gamers in need of a PS3, the new bun­dle should be a nice oppor­tu­nity to pick up a new sys­tem cou­pled with the best sell­ing video game of all time.


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Avenged Sevenfold are Huge COD Fans

The new Avenged Sev­en­fold song, “Not Ready to Die” appears as an Easter Egg in Call of the Dead, the new zom­bie map in the Esca­la­tion DLC pack.  In an inter­view with Revolver mag­a­zine, band front­man M. Shad­ows reveals that the song was recorded specif­i­cally for the game, and that he is a avid player of Black Ops.

POE Currency
Shad­ows said the song was writ­ten in a blitz over a few days. “So it was writ­ten, like, in four days that we had off. So it was pretty rushed. It was pretty incred­i­ble, though, because we really wanted to do it. It was writ­ten, like, a month or two ago.” He admits to being a diehard Black Ops player, ““I would say that Black Ops, to me right now, is pretty out of hand. When I’m home, I lit­er­ally get on at 9 at night and don’t get off until 8 in the morn­ing. My whole clan is the same way: We’ll just play game lev­els until there’re no games to be played, and then we’ll jump in the pub­lic matches and play and just mess around until 8 in the morn­ing. So that’s pretty out of hand. My sched­ule is so messed up because of that game. I also built a gam­ing rig. A 42-inch TV with the Xbox and sur­round sound. A Log­itech head­set. I have all this crap on the road. And a lot of times the truck can’t leave because I’m sit­ting there play­ing a match. And I’ve got to wait until it’s done. And they’re like, “Really? We’re sit­ting here wait­ing on the whole crew because this guy’s play­ing Black Ops?” But it’s pretty out of hand to me.”

In what might be a bit of inside scoop on the direc­tion of the zom­bie fran­chise, Shad­ows had this to say: “ There’s a full back­story to what [the mak­ers of Call of Duty] been doing for years with their “Zom­bies” series…They sent me over the full sto­ry­line…” Appar­ently, there is a full, com­posed sto­ry­line to accom­pany the zom­bie maps.  Most of use would love a lit­tle insight into the mys­te­ri­ous under­pin­nings of the col­lec­tion of zom­bie maps.

Tre­yarch, do share.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Speaks About Voicing Call of the Dead

Sarah Michelle Gel­lar may have learned how to fend off the undead as Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer, but now she is lend­ing her voice to the dig­i­tal ver­sion of her­self in Call of Duty’s Call of the Dead. For those of you who haven’t yet played Call of the Dead, Gel­lar appears as her­self along with Danny Trejo, Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, and the god­fa­ther of zom­bie films, George Romero. 

In the video below, Gel­lar talks about what it was like to lend her voice to one of the most pop­u­lar video game fran­chises of all time.

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Call of the Dead Easter Egg — Song

For those lucky Xbox play­ers that are play­ing Call of the Dead and haven’t been deal­ing with PSN out­ages, check out how to unlock this Avenged Sev­en­fold song in the new zom­bie map. Tre­yarch con­tin­ues to put an easter egg song in every zom­bie map, to the delight of those mul­ti­player users who feel the need to go start the secret song every game.

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Call of The Dead Comes to PC


Tre­yarch just announced a release date for the Esca­la­tion map pack on the PC.  Zom­bie enthu­si­asts who play Call of Duty on the PC will be able to sam­ple the new ‘Call of the Dead’ map start­ing June 2, 2011.  Unfor­tu­nately, there is still no offi­cial date for Esca­la­tion to be made avail­able on the Ps3.  PS3 play­ers are left to won­der when they will be able to expe­ri­ence Romero, Buffy, Danny Trejo, et al in the newest, bad­dest zom­bie map for Black Ops.

The Esca­la­tion map pack fea­tures Call of the Dead, a new zom­bie map set in Siberia as well as these new mul­ti­player maps:

  • Stock­pile: A rural Russ­ian town that con­tains a secret stock­pile of WMDs.
  • Zoo: A creepy, deserted Soviet Zoo.
  • Con­voy: Fight amongst the wreck­age of an ambushed US convoy.
  • Hotel: A lux­ury hotel in Cuba is the scene for this mul­ti­player map.


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