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Black Ops Zombies Expert Tip: Launchers on Ascension

Play­ing on the pre­vi­ous zom­bie maps, some of the most unde­sir­able weapons in the mys­tery box were always the launch­ers (the M72 Law and the China Lake).  These weapons fired slowly and were use­less at close range due their dan­ger­ous … Con­tinue read­ing

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How to Defeat the Space Monkeys on Ascension

In the new zom­bie map, Ascen­sion, the Hell­hounds are replaced by the cute, klep­to­ma­niac mon­keys.  Every 46 rounds, these evil space mon­keys plum­met from the sky and try to steal your perks.  Here are some tips to thwart the evil … Con­tinue read­ing

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Treyarch (a multi-platform software developer) first introduced us to the Call of Duty Zombie mode in the release of Call of Duty: World at War. This action-packed feature is a bonus level that gets unlocked when you complete the campaign mode for the first time. Initially, the zombie mode was not actually created to be an integral part of the game, it was just a little ‘extra’ that the developers put in just for fun as an end of the game reward. However, the mode became increasingly popular and more zombie maps were eventually created and made available to all players regardless of how far they were in their campaign.

In the zombie mode, players (up to four can play at once) are endlessly attacked by Zombies and can earn a range of points by killing them, such as 10 points for a non-lethal hit, 50 points for a limb hit, or 100 points for a headshot. These points are then used to buy weapons, other cool stuff or to make hidden areas accessible. Zombies can enter the play area through windows, holes in walls or any other accessible areas. Originally, you will notice that holes and windows are barricaded, but the zombies can knock them down quite quickly. Repairing the barricades can also earn points for spending in the marketplace.

There is no set number of rounds to play in the zombie mode and game play continues until each player has been killed by the zombies, making it a really fun, long-lasting, survival game mode where your only objective is to survive as long as possible. In each round, the zombies will become increasingly faster and stronger so you will need to make strategic decisions for point spending. Sometimes the rounds can be a little easier when the zombies drop certain power-ups, such as Insta-Kill or Max Ammo. Of course, you have to kill the zombies before they will drop items that you can pick up.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Mode was released in the First Strike Map back in February 2011 for Xbox 360 Black Ops. For Call of Duty Black Ops on PlayStation 3 and PC, the release was made in March 2011. As of now, the release date for the Wii version of the video game has not been announced. This makes Ascension the eighth Zombie map in the whole series of Call of Duty. Taking place in an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome, the map features four familiar characters that are also seen in Call of the Dead: Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Tank Dempsey.

In addition to familiar weapons, you will notice that some really cool new weapons are also included: new Special Grenades, Matryoshka Dolls and the Gersch Device. The Gersch Device creates a black hole that sucks in all the zombies, killing them and awarding the player points for each zombie. Diving into the black hole (not jumping or walking) will allow the player to teleport to a random location. The Matryoshka Doll is a special grenade that causes four separate explosions, with three of those explosions flying out in random directions from the first.

Also in Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Zombie Mode, you will notice new perks: PhD Flopper and Stamin-Up. The PhD Flopper will counteract fall and explosive damage. The Stamin-Up perk increases sprint duration and speed. Both of these new perks cost 2000 points each, but really come in handy when being chased by hordes of zombies or being attacked by Space Monkeys. Each player can only have up to four perks, however, if you have four perks as well as the random perk bottle, then you can have up to five perks.

Speaking of Space Monkeys, this is a new enemy that you will find in the Ascension Zombie map. These are annoying little creatures that will steal your perks by attacking and disabling perk machines. They can also reduce player health and actually kill the player. The really cool part about the space monkeys is that if you kill all of them without allowing them to disable a perk machine, they will drop a random perk bottle at the end of the round.

The overall colors in the game are quite interesting. When you first start Ascension, you will notice that the gameplay is in black and white. This is because the electricity is turned off and its up to you to turn it back on. Once you have successfully turned it back on, color game play will commence. At the time that the monkey rounds begin, you will hear a buzz and everything will be colored in red.

Ascension occurs just after the Kino der Toten level, with the next level after Ascension being Call of the Dead. Kino der Toten, which happens to be German for ‘Cinema of the Dead’, is unlocked automatically at the beginning of Call of Duty: Black Ops. It takes place in an abandoned theater and introduces crawler zombies and the Fire Pit. You have to be careful with Crawler Zombies, as they naturally crawl on the floor and can be hard to see. The Fire Pit will cost 1000 points to activate but it kills any Zombie that is caught inside it. Call of the Dead is found in the Escalation Map Pack and takes places in an arctic climate in an abandoned area of the Soviet Union. It features celebrity characters (Danny Trejo, Michael Rooker, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Robert Englund. You will also notice a celebrity enemy, George Romero who is a popular director known as the Godfather of modern-day Zombie movies.

Reviews for the Ascension zombie gameplay mode are quite positive. Many people claim that this is the best zombie map yet in all of the Call of Duty games, with more dynamics and better coloring than ever before. The only negative comment that I could find about the whole map is that the monkeys are too powerful. But to be fair to the creators, that is kind of the point! In the monkey rounds, you have to work hard if you want to win a random perk bottle. Additionally, you will be able to find countless cheats, walkthroughs, and strategy guides (both written and video) for Call of Duty Black Ops: Ascension Zombie mode, available for free on numerous video games websites.