Avenged Sevenfold are Huge COD Fans

The new Avenged Sev­en­fold song, “Not Ready to Die” appears as an Easter Egg in Call of the Dead, the new zom­bie map in the Esca­la­tion DLC pack.  In an inter­view with Revolver mag­a­zine, band front­man M. Shad­ows reveals that the song was recorded specif­i­cally for the game, and that he is a avid player of Black Ops.

Shad­ows said the song was writ­ten in a blitz over a few days. “So it was writ­ten, like, in four days that we had off. So it was pretty rushed. It was pretty incred­i­ble, though, because we really wanted to do it. It was writ­ten, like, a month or two ago.” He admits to being a diehard Black Ops player, ““I would say that Black Ops, to me right now, is pretty out of hand. When I’m home, I lit­er­ally get on at 9 at night and don’t get off until 8 in the morn­ing. My whole clan is the same way: We’ll just play game lev­els until there’re no games to be played, and then we’ll jump in the pub­lic matches and play and just mess around until 8 in the morn­ing. So that’s pretty out of hand. My sched­ule is so messed up because of that game. I also built a gam­ing rig. A 42-inch TV with the Xbox and sur­round sound. A Log­itech head­set. I have all this crap on the road. And a lot of times the truck can’t leave because I’m sit­ting there play­ing a match. And I’ve got to wait until it’s done. And they’re like, “Really? We’re sit­ting here wait­ing on the whole crew because this guy’s play­ing Black Ops?” But it’s pretty out of hand to me.”

In what might be a bit of inside scoop on the direc­tion of the zom­bie fran­chise, Shad­ows had this to say: “ There’s a full back­story to what [the mak­ers of Call of Duty] been doing for years with their “Zom­bies” series…They sent me over the full sto­ry­line…” Appar­ently, there is a full, com­posed sto­ry­line to accom­pany the zom­bie maps.  Most of use would love a lit­tle insight into the mys­te­ri­ous under­pin­nings of the col­lec­tion of zom­bie maps.

Tre­yarch, do share.

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