Call of the Dead Released on Ps3

Activi­sion announced today the release of the Black Ops: Esca­la­tion DLC Map Pack on Playsta­tion 3. XBOX Live play­ers have had the priv­elege of play­ing the newest Black Ops zom­bies map for some time already. Jeal­ous Playsta­tion users will get their first crack at Romero, Trejo, Buffy, and the undead start­ing today. Call of the Dead fea­tures some Hol­ly­wood zom­bie slay­ing tal­ent, and it fea­tures one of the most cre­ative story setups in COD Zom­bies history.

As a lit­tle teaser, here’s the open­ing sequence from the new zom­bie map:

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  1. Valentine says:

    How can I get Call of Dead on black ops?

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