Call of The Dead Comes to PC


Tre­yarch just announced a release date for the Esca­la­tion map pack on the PC.  Zom­bie enthu­si­asts who play Call of Duty on the PC will be able to sam­ple the new ‘Call of the Dead’ map start­ing June 2, 2011.  Unfor­tu­nately, there is still no offi­cial date for Esca­la­tion to be made avail­able on the Ps3.  PS3 play­ers are left to won­der when they will be able to expe­ri­ence Romero, Buffy, Danny Trejo, et al in the newest, bad­dest zom­bie map for Black Ops.

The Esca­la­tion map pack fea­tures Call of the Dead, a new zom­bie map set in Siberia as well as these new mul­ti­player maps:

  • Stock­pile: A rural Russ­ian town that con­tains a secret stock­pile of WMDs.
  • Zoo: A creepy, deserted Soviet Zoo.
  • Con­voy: Fight amongst the wreck­age of an ambushed US convoy.
  • Hotel: A lux­ury hotel in Cuba is the scene for this mul­ti­player map.


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