Slinger Last Stand Glitch

This one is more of a bug than a glitch.  It allows you to swap to your pri­mary weapon while in last stand. Handy! Check out the video.


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5 Responses to Slinger Last Stand Glitch

  1. jordan says:

    when does the new zom­bie map call of the dead come out for ps3?

    • Zomboss says:

      June 10th was just announced as the release date for Call of the Dead on PS3.

    • Lilian says:

      HOLY CRAP dude me and my friends sue­vivrd 33 rounds too last night!but the thing is that i quit after round 30 cause it was 1 AM and I was tired. so its not in my record im so pised but it was still fun! my friends had their guns upgraded to max like the ray gun and stuff­but too bad it got fixed .

  2. press rt says:

    does it work with the mys­tery box and once you have 3 can you get more and more?

  3. Regir says:

    What do you think Zom­bies mode will be like on the next ver­sion of Call of Duty fol­low­ing Mod­ern War­fare 3? I hope we see some more amaz­ing, new maps!

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