Call of the Dead Easter Egg — Song

For those lucky Xbox play­ers that are play­ing Call of the Dead and haven’t been deal­ing with PSN out­ages, check out how to unlock this Avenged Sev­en­fold song in the new zom­bie map. Tre­yarch con­tin­ues to put an easter egg song in every zom­bie map, to the delight of those mul­ti­player users who feel the need to go start the secret song every game.

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Call of The Dead Comes to PC


Tre­yarch just announced a release date for the Esca­la­tion map pack on the PC.  Zom­bie enthu­si­asts who play Call of Duty on the PC will be able to sam­ple the new ‘Call of the Dead’ map start­ing June 2, 2011.  Unfor­tu­nately, there is still no offi­cial date for Esca­la­tion to be made avail­able on the Ps3.  PS3 play­ers are left to won­der when they will be able to expe­ri­ence Romero, Buffy, Danny Trejo, et al in the newest, bad­dest zom­bie map for Black Ops.

The Esca­la­tion map pack fea­tures Call of the Dead, a new zom­bie map set in Siberia as well as these new mul­ti­player maps:

  • Stock­pile: A rural Russ­ian town that con­tains a secret stock­pile of WMDs.
  • Zoo: A creepy, deserted Soviet Zoo.
  • Con­voy: Fight amongst the wreck­age of an ambushed US convoy.
  • Hotel: A lux­ury hotel in Cuba is the scene for this mul­ti­player map.


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Playstation Network Outage — When Will We Get Our Zombies Back?

There’s been some­thing miss­ing from all of our lives lately – some­thing very impor­tant to many of us, the PlaySta­tion Net­work. The weeks with­out Black Ops is begin­ning to feel like a life­time, but there may be an end in sight. Bloomberg News is report­ing that Sony will restart PSN on May 31, a full 6 weeks after the ini­tial shutdown.

This isn’t the first time a return date has been promised. Last week, Sony gave gamers hope with a planned return date of Fri­day, May 5th, but Fri­day came and went, and Sony exec­u­tive Patrick Sey­bold offi­cially announced another delay on the Playsta­tion blog later that day.

Much like a per­sonal com­puter with­out inter­net, a Sony Playsta­tion 3 is vir­tu­ally use­less to many mul­ti­player gam­ing enthu­si­asts with­out access to the PlaySta­tion Net­work. The net­work is so mas­sive and sophis­ti­cated that it con­sists of an esti­mated 130 servers and spans over 77 mil­lion reg­is­tered users. The sheer num­bers alone are astonishing.

As I’m sure all read­ers here know, the PlaySta­tion Net­work is a mul­ti­player sup­port sys­tem, that enables peo­ple of all ages to release their frus­tra­tion on a great many other gamers. Be it wield­ing an RPK to kill some zom­bies in Black Ops or rac­ing a Fer­rari, the PlaySta­tion Net­work has turned into a way of con­nect­ing peo­ple on oppo­site ends of the uni­verse together, to spar in games of bat­tle, chance and dress-up.

For the nos­tal­gic crowd, the Net­work even offers a wide array of PlaySta­tion and PSP titles on the cheap. Sim­ply put, Sony’s Net­work has some­thing for everyone.

As such, it comes as no sur­prise that Sony’s PlaySta­tion Net­work has a spe­cial spot in the hearts and minds of many. To our great dis­may, the PlaySta­tion Net­work col­lapsed on April 20, 2011, thereby hin­der­ing our chances of engag­ing in mul­ti­player game­play. The PlaySta­tion Network’s tem­po­rary demise has even pre­vented PlaySta­tion 3 own­ers from access­ing their favorite video stream­ing net­works. To say that ser­vices such as Hulu, Netl­fix and Vudu feel the crunch of the net­work out­age goes with­out say­ing. Hulu has even issued a $2 credit to its Hulu Plus sub­scribers in order to com­pen­sate for the delay.

How The Net­work Went Down?

Although the Net­work out­age began on April 20, 2011, Sony pro­vided the world with a state­ment on April 26, 2011. Accord­ing to those reports, hack­ers have ille­gally and unscrupu­lously obtained user data. Sony claims the data includes the con­tact infor­ma­tion of many of its users includ­ing their names, home addresses, email infor­ma­tion, birth­days, as well as their PlaySta­tion Net­work login infor­ma­tion. In tra­di­tional Amer­i­can legalese, the Japan­ese multi­na­tional con­glom­er­ate issued pre­cau­tion­ary instruc­tions to its users on obtain­ing credit reports, fraud alerts and the like. Sony has admit­ted that approx­i­mately 10 mil­lion credit card num­bers may have been obtained by the hackers.

Sony’s Game Plan

At this point, Sony has pro­vided us with a heart­felt apol­ogy and a promise to strengthen its network’s infra­struc­ture by per­form­ing a “phased restora­tion”. In typ­i­cal hard­core rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment, the com­pany vowed to plug any secu­rity holes and strong­hold its Net­work against future attacks.

Accord­ing to the PlaySta­tion Blog, Sony is offer­ing a com­pli­men­tary 30 days of mem­ber­ship, as well as a promise for free con­tent down­loads in the near future.

Reports have sug­gested that Hacker orga­ni­za­tion Anony­mous is respon­si­ble for the out­age. Nev­er­the­less, the group itself has released state­ments indi­cat­ing otherwise.

Accord­ing to a recent Sony press release, Sony offi­cials were unaware of the breadth of the attack on the Net­work, and there­fore, were inac­cu­rate in their pro­jec­tions as to when the ser­vice would be rein­stated. We hope that this time they’ve got it fig­ured out.

Time will tell whether the Sony PlaySta­tion Net­work ser­vice will be restored by May 31st. As of yet, there is no telling exactly how many of the Network’s sub­scribers finan­cial infor­ma­tion was actu­ally stolen, or what the long term fall­out will be.

We anx­iously await fur­ther devel­op­ments from Sony. The future suc­cess of Call of Duty and other mul­ti­player games hinges on the network’s abil­ity to return promptly and safely.

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How to Kill Romero

Those of you that have played the new Call of the Dead Zom­bie map know about that pesky Direc­tor of Death, George Romero.  PSN play­ers haven’t had the joy of bat­tling Mr. Romero yet (or any other online game for that mat­ter). Come on Sony!




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New Black Ops Zombie Map Adds Favorite Film Characters

After we we got to play as a col­lec­tion of odd char­ac­ters in ‘Five’ (Cas­tro, JFK, McNa­mara, Nixon), many fans were left dream­ing about the pos­si­bil­i­ties of mor­ph­ing other real life per­son­al­i­ties into the world of vir­tual zom­bies.  This May, Activi­sion is going to grant that wish.

Users on the Black Ops Zom­bies Face­book page requested every­thing from Alexan­der the Great to Madonna, but the treat that Activi­sion rewarded us with is even more cre­ative than we expected.  Call of Duty Black Ops: Map Pack 2 Esca­la­tion is going to include what Activi­sion is call­ing, “a unique zom­bie expe­ri­ence.”  In the offi­cial trailer for the new map, “Call of the Dead” the new cast is revealed: Danny Trejo (Machete), Sarah Michelle Gel­lar (Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer), Robert Eng­land (Night­mare on Elm Street), and Michael Rooker (The Walk­ing Dead)…with spe­cial guest George Romero(“the god­fa­ther of all zombies”)!

Check out the offi­cial video below…




This is Treyarch’s trib­ute to the leg­endary George Romero, who truly defined the zom­bie genre and whose incred­i­ble work has been such an inspi­ra­tion to our team,” said COD game direc­tor Dave Anthony in a PSU interview.

Our lat­est zom­bie cre­ation, Call of the Dead, is unreal.  We set out to cre­ate an excit­ing new zom­bie expe­ri­ence for fans of the genre that takes Zom­bies to an insane new level, ” remarked Treyarch’s Mark Lamia.  “It was an absolute honor to work with such an amaz­ing and tal­ented cast whose pas­sion and energy brought their char­ac­ters instantly to life. Fans are going to love this.”

We at are more excited than ever by this newest zom­bie trailer.  Buffy the Vampie Slayer wield­ing an RPK. Get out of here!

The Esca­la­tion Map Pack is due out May 3 for the Xbox.  PSN users will have to wait. Activi­sion is expected to release the sec­ond Black Ops Map Pack, “later in the year”.

Let us know what you think. Is this going to be the biggest, bad­dest zom­bie map yet?

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New Black Ops Zombies Map Leaked

If you haven’t yet got your fill of Call of Duty Zom­bie action from the first Black Ops Map Pack, First Strike, (And I know we haven’t) don’t fear, a new Map Pack may be head­ing your way next month.  Aus­tralian retailer GAME Aus­tralia posted some leaked promo images for for the sec­ond Black Ops Map Pack.

(click to enlarge)

Black Ops Escalation

There is no way of con­firm­ing the legit­i­macy of the leak at this point, but there is also no real rea­son to doubt it.  From the looks of the flyer, there will be four new multi-player maps, and one new zom­bie map, bring­ing us to five Black Ops Zom­bie Maps so far.  Will it be worth shelling out the extra cash for one more zom­bie map?

Here are some inter­net the­o­ries on the next zom­bie map location:

Fir­ing Range: Tank Dempsey’s name appears here, and there is a teddy bear in this level
Area 51: co-ordinates in Shi No Numa and a unused Kennedy quote
Kowloon: because there are mon­keys here and in Ascen­sion
Tun­guska: coor­di­nates are given in Shi No Numa


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Black Ops Zombies Ascension Update: New Features

The new Black Ops zom­bie map expands the Call of Duty zom­bie sto­ry­line more than any other map pack pre­vi­ously and adds a hand­ful of new weapons, perks, and power-ups. BlackOpsZombies.Info has put together a sum­mary of the addi­tions and tips for proper usage, for your infor­ma­tive pleasure.

For strat­egy tips, check out the Ascen­sion Strat­egy Guide.


New Power-Up:


The Ascen­sion map adds one more power-up to the lineup. The Bot­tle power-up appears along with max ammo only after a flaw­less mon­key round. That is, if all mon­keys are killed with­out touch­ing any perk machines, the Bot­tle power-up will appear, award­ing a ran­dom perk to each player on the team. The Bot­tle power-up appears along­side the max ammo and does not appear dur­ing zom­bie rounds. Perks received from the Bot­tle are still vul­ner­a­ble to monkey-theft in sub­se­quent space mon­key rounds.




New Weapons:


The Ger­sch Device replaces the Mon­key Bombs from pre­vi­ous zom­bie maps. When thrown, the Ger­sch Device, some­times referred to as a Black Hole Grenade, opens up a worm­hole, draw­ing nearby zom­bies inward, and killing them. The speed at which the zom­bies are drawn toward the sin­gu­lar­ity depends on the dis­tance from the event. The Ger­sch Device is obtained from the mys­tery box and occu­pies the player’s tac­ti­cal grenade slot. Play­ers receive three devices which are replen­ished with each max ammo.


The Matryoshka Doll is a com­pletely new cluster-style grenade and occu­pies the player’s tac­ti­cal grenade slot. When det­o­nated, the Matryoshka explodes four times in a ran­dom pat­tern. For this rea­son, it is highly effec­tive against large groups of zom­bies, but should be employed with cau­tion due to the risk of harm­ing the player. Note: You can­not have both the Ger­sch and Matryoshka at the same time. If you pick up one, it will replace the other. The Ph.D. Flop­per perk is rec­om­mended for those using the Matroyshka dolls, in order to shield from splash damage.


New Perks:


The Ph.D. Flop­per pro­vides three ben­e­fits: immu­nity from fall dam­age, immu­nity from explo­sive splash dam­age, and an explo­sion around the player when they dive from a height. It costs 2000 points, and can be found on the ele­vate lan­der plat­form, on the west side of the map (see Map).


Stamina-Up allows for long dis­tance sprint­ing and increases move­ment speed. In this regard it is sim­i­lar to the other Call of Duty perks, Light­weight and Marathon. The price is 2000 points, and it is most use­ful for strate­gies that involve mobil­ity or the need to revive team­mates on the far side of the map.



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Black Ops Zombies Expert Tip: Launchers on Ascension

Play­ing on the pre­vi­ous zom­bie maps, some of the most unde­sir­able weapons in the mys­tery box were always the launch­ers (the M72 Law and the China Lake).  These weapons fired slowly and were use­less at close range due their dan­ger­ous splash damage.

With the new Ascen­sion map, and the addi­tion of Ph.D. Flop­per, the tides have turned in favor of the launch­ers.  The Ph.D. flop­per elim­i­nates splash dam­age from ray guns and explo­sive weapons.  This of course improves the power of the ray gun, but the ray gun was awe­some already.  The real trea­sure that this new perk unlocks is the delight of close-range pyro-zombie death.   Pre­vi­ously it was pru­dent to exer­cise some self-preservation cau­tion and not fire your rocket launcher at close range, less you blow your­self to smithereens.  Now, how­ever, you can let fly the ordi­nance when the zom­bies are in your face.  Pick up some Ph.D. Flop­per and try it out; the M72 Law is handy for dis­patch­ing large clus­ters of zom­bies in later rounds.  And don’t for­get to give the Mus­tang Sally a whirl.  Fifty rounds of explo­sive ordi­nance with no splash damage!

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