Kassimir Mechanism

How to Unlock the Easter Egg:

In Ascen­sion, at the first round a man’s voice ask­ing for help to “repair the mech­a­nism” and to hurry as “she is com­ing”. This is the start of the eas­ily missed puz­zle to com­plete the Kas­simir Mech­a­nism and free Ger­sch. The fol­low­ing are required:

  • 1 player with the Ger­sch Device
  • 2 play­ers with the upgraded Ray Gun
  • 1 player with the upgraded Thun­der Gun
  • 1 player with the upgraded Crossbow
  • 1 player with the Matryoshka Dolls
  • All play­ers must spend as few points as pos­si­ble as the major­ity of the doors must be opened
  • To have read up on this to know exactly what to do
  • Know­ing the map
  • All play­ers must stay alive if they have one of the required weapons
  • It is rec­om­mended that each player has Jug­gernog, Speed Cola, Stamin-up, and PhD Flop­per for Node 2

NOTE: It is pos­si­ble to com­plete the final part of the puz­zle with only three peo­ple if each weapon is used. How­ever, it is impos­si­ble to com­plete Node 2 (Perk Machine But­tons) with any­thing less than 4 people.


Node 1

This first task is rel­a­tively easy. A player must have the Ger­sch Device for this part. When you get to the area where the MP5K and the PhD Flop­per are, if you look out from the map to the left of the MP5K, there will be rub­ble but there will also be what appears to be a power gen­er­a­tor with a glow­ing white light. If you go into the PhD Flop­per room to the far back, you can hear a high-pitched sound. The player with the Ger­sch Device must throw it onto the gen­er­a­tor (if it bounces off the gen­er­a­tor it will be okay). The player will see the gen­er­a­tor get sucked into the black hole. At this point, Ger­sch tells you to hurry and con­tinue as ‘she is get­ting closer’. Then the player must make their way to the lunar pad clos­est to the Stamin-Up. In the cor­ner of the lunar pad room, there is a large ter­mi­nal with a bright screen. Again the high-pitched sound can be heard. Press and hold the “use” but­ton to acti­vate the ter­mi­nal and the screen will show part of the Illu­mi­nati sym­bol. At this point, the pod should show one light after this node is complete.


Node 2

This step has to be done dur­ing a Space Mon­key round. When these rounds begin, four switches will appear out of the walls close to all perk machines exclud­ing Quick Revive. The switches are small red but­tons that can be hard to notice due to the darker light­ing dur­ing the mon­key rounds. The loca­tions of the switches are:

  • Jug­gernog — look at the Jug­gernog machine and turn 180 degrees. The switch is directly on the wall in front of you.
  • PhD Flop­per — turn left 90 degrees and the switch is directly in front of you.
  • Speed Cola — Look at the door­way lead­ing to the lunar pad. The switch is just on the wall to the far right on the other side of the door frame. This can be hard to notice.
  • Stamin-Up — it is located to left of the Stamin-Up machine.

When all four play­ers have got­ten to the switches, they must be pressed at the same time (give or take a sec­ond) a player can count down from three, alter­na­tively you can hold the use but­ton by the but­ton and it will just beep con­stantly. If it’s done cor­rectly, all play­ers will hear a beep­ing sound. If it was done incor­rectly, all play­ers will hear a buzzing sound. At this point, the pod should show two lights.


Node 3

This node is sim­ple. Play the round as nor­mal and leave a cou­ple crawlers behind after all other zom­bies are killed. Kill any fast crawlers because this node takes 2 min­utes. At this point, the player must launch the rocket to open the launch pad and the room where the Pack-a-Punch Machine is located. The player must lead the crawler(s) as far away as pos­si­ble to avoid inter­rup­tion, prefer­ably to Stamin-Up. When the play­ers enter the launch pad, turn to the left and there is a clock on the wall show­ing 12:00. All play­ers must now gather in front of the clock located in the room just before the pack-a-punch machine. This will now start a 2-minute count­down. Dur­ing these 2 min­utes, all play­ers must stay on the pres­sure plate, but can do any­thing such as shoot or throw grenades in case the crawlers get close. When the 2 min­utes are up, if done cor­rectly, there will be an explo­sion (as if a Nuke was picked up) end­ing the round. At this point, there should be three lights active on the pod.

WARNING: This Node may cause the group to lose con­nec­tion and pos­si­bly time out. (It is unknown whether this is a glitch or not.)


Node 4

This is the hard­est task to com­plete. Kill all zom­bies in the round but save a few crawlers. Sev­eral let­ters can be seen float­ing above in a ran­dom order. To col­lect these let­ters, the play­ers must use the Lunar Lan­ders but the let­ters must be col­lected in a cer­tain order. To begin, have the lan­der ready at the spawn room. Have a player stand on the lan­der whilst another player heads to the lunar pad near to the Stamin-Up. That player must then call the lan­der at that point. The player on the lan­der will be fly­ing over to the lunar pad where it was called but will fly into the float­ing let­ter ‘L’ and col­lected it. Again, a player must stay on the Lan­der whilst another player calls the lan­der back to the spawn room. This time, the player on the lan­der will col­lect the let­ter ‘U’. Once again, a player stays on the lan­der while another player calls it to the pad clos­est to Speed Cola. The player on the lan­der will col­lect the let­ter ‘N’. Finally have one player on the lan­der whilst another calls it back to the pad clos­est to Stamin-Up. They will col­lect the last let­ter ‘A’. This spells out ‘LUNA’. All lights should now be active on the pod.

Node 5

At this point, after fin­ish­ing all the tasks, head back to the pod, which should now have all four lights on. The pod is located next to the clay­mores in the Lunar Lan­der room next to the Stamin-Up machine. The player will hear the high-pitched sound again. This is com­ing from just in front of the pod. If the player looks care­fully, there is a small glow­ing orb in front of the 4 lights on the pod. If the player throws a Ger­sch Device very close to the glow­ing orb, when it fin­ishes the man’s voice can be heard say­ing “I can see the tele­porter, but there is not enough power”. The way to accom­plish this task is to have one player throw the Ger­sch device, then shoot the device with some Porter’s X2 Ray Gun shots, 2 upgraded Zeus Can­non shots, and 1 Matryoshka Doll.

After com­plet­ing this task, Ger­sch will say that the play­ers have freed him. All play­ers will then be given a Death Machine that last for 90 sec­onds. Soon after, the screen will turn to black and white when Saman­tha screams. When her scream ends, the screen goes back to color.

Note: While Saman­tha is scream­ing she will say “Come find me”, but the player must be lis­ten­ing closely.


This arti­cle uses mate­r­ial from the “Kas­simir Mech­a­nism” arti­cle on the Call of Duty wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Cre­ative Com­mons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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