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You will have the most suc­cess in two player mode on Kino der Toten.  The fol­low­ing strat­egy tips will get you to round 50+.  Be fore­warned that it will take you sev­eral hours to com­plete this many rounds.  So, once you have per­fected the strate­gies listed here, get com­fort­able, set­tle in, and set that leader­board top­ping score that will make your friends jeal­ous and make the ladies say oo-la-la.


Early Rounds (15)

Main Con­cepts:

Unless it’s your first go at Kino der Toten, you should not have any trou­ble sur­viv­ing the early rounds.  That being said, the name of the game early on is points.  YouKino der Toten Intro Cartoon can pop each zom­bie in the torso 6 times in round 1 with­out killing them, then stab them for the kill, giv­ing you 200 points per zombie.

  • Make sure to allow the zom­bies in through the win­dows in rounds 12.  A 2x points or Max Ammo early on will help boost your score.
  • Do not buy any guns in the lobby or in the first room you open.  They are a waste of money and you don’t need them.
  • When the dogs come or before­hand, open the upstairs door and then the door to the MP40 room.  Buy the MP40 to kill the puppies.



Mid­dle Rounds (615)

Main Con­cepts:

The name of the game is still money.  Focus on stab kills, head shots, and auto­matic weapons instead of shot­guns.  Make sure to buy Jug­gernog the sec­ond you can afford it, because it’s just too easy to die with­out it.

  • As soon as each mem­ber of your team can afford Jug­gernog (and prefer­ably, the Bowie knife), open up the stage and turn on the power.
  • The Bowie knife is a one-stab kill on all of the zom­bies until round 10, and a one-stab kill on the crawlers until round 12.  It is fun and good for points to go on a stab­bing spree for a few rounds.
  • Spend most of your time in the the­ater.  You have the most room to move and dodge zom­bies here.


Kino der Toten Map (click to enlarge)

The Loop Method and Zom­bie Spawn Con­trol (Rounds 1530)

Main Con­cepts:

Pikavippi nyt: miten parempi nauttia pikavippi The one secret to suc­cess above all oth­ers in nazi zom­bies is under­stand­ing how to con­trol the zom­bie pop­u­la­tion.  For any given level, there is a max­i­mum num­ber of zom­bies that can be active in the map at any given time as well as a spe­cific num­ber of total zom­bies to spawn for the entire round.  For exam­ple, in round 40, only 24 zom­bies can be in the map at any­time, and there are about 120 total zom­bies to be killed in this round.  This means that once 24 zom­bies have spawned, no more zom­bies will spawn until you kill at least 1 zom­bie.  That’s right, you can lead those zom­bies all over the map, and not a sin­gle new zom­bie will spawn until you kill one.  Kill 1 zom­bie and 1 more will spawn.  Set off a trap to kill them all, and 24 more will spawn.  This will con­tinue until all 120 zom­bies for the level have spawned and died; then, the level will end.

Why is this one piece of info so impor­tant?  Because the way you die in zom­bies is get­ting trapped, flanked, and sur­rounded.  With zom­bies spawn­ing all around you, it is easy to get sur­rounded, but once the zom­bie cap has been reached, you can group the zom­bies together and know where they all are, all the time!  You can now safely lead the pack around the level and dis­patch of them in an open, safe envi­ron­ment (prob­a­bly on the stage).

  • Begin in the cen­ter of the stage.  As the zom­bies begin to pour in, dodge, and run towards the power switch/side door.  Make sure to watch for zom­bies com­ing out of that cor­ner window.
  • Move towards the clay­mores and towards the back-middle of the stage.  The wall to the left is an entry point for gas-crawlers.  Some­times you will have to dodge one or two of those here.
  • As you tra­verse the stage, you will need to look straight ahead to see if there are zom­bies enter­ing from the dress­ing room or win­dow to your left.  Some­times there will be a few.  Plan your path and dodge these accordingly.
  • Round the cor­ner near the dress­ing room and run toward the power switch/side door.  If there are no zom­bies com­ing in through the win­dow, you will be able to turn around and have a nice group of zom­bies to unload your weapon into.  When the zom­bies get close enough to strike you, bail out and repeat the circle.



Late Game (Rounds 3050+)

Main Con­cepts:

As you progress through the 30’s your weapons will grad­u­ally become totally insuf­fi­cient to bring down the zom­bies.  Ray Guns start to take 4 or 5 direct hits to kill a zom­bie.  When you reach the point where your guns are start­ing to feel worth­less, you’re going to have to start using traps exclu­sively to kill the zombies.

  • Per­form the loop on the stage until all or nearly all of the zom­bies for the round have spawned.  Draw the zom­bies down the mid­dle of the the­ater and into the lobby.
  • Cir­cle the level, keep­ing the zom­bie clus­ter behind you, by going upstairs, through the MP40 room, through the dress­ing room and back on stage.
  • Turn around at the places you can fire into a nice line of zom­bies.  Unload your auto­matic weapon into them for a few sec­onds.  At this point, you aren’t try­ing to kill the zom­bies, just accu­mu­late points to pay for traps.
  • Acti­vate the trap in the door­way to the dress­ing room that leads on stage.  DO NOT acti­vate any other traps on your cir­cle.  If you acti­vate a trap early in your cir­cle, you will kill the clus­ter behind you.  As the zom­bies die behind you, new zom­bies will be spawn­ing ahead of you, and you don’t want to be dodg­ing oncom­ing zom­bies in the hall­ways.  Wait till the dress­ing room/stage door­way, and you will never have zom­bies in front of you.
  • Gather them on stage again by run­ning cir­cles, and repeat.
  • When you run out of AMMO, trade in what­ever sleek, upgraded hot­ness you have for the MP40. (I know, it hurts.) DO NOT upgrade the MP40. This MP40 is a profit-machine, not a killing machine.  If you fire into the big groups of zom­bies, you will rack up plenty of points.  Buy the ammo off the wall on each lap you run around the level.
  • If you like, you can throw in some mid-round tele­ports to make the rounds even easier.
  • The thun­der­gun is nice to have, and is the only weapon with a chance of tak­ing a zom­bie down past round 50, but you could per­form this strat­egy to the high rounds with noth­ing but an MP40.

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