New Ascen­sion Game­play Footage — Russ­ian Zombie-Scientists!

Check out this game­play footage from the new zom­bie map Ascen­sion.  Part of the new First Strike Map Pack, Ascen­sion squares you off against Russ­ian zombie-scientists, a change from the Nazi Zom­bie regimen.




Easter Eggs and Secrets

Lots of cool lit­tle easter eggs in this video I hadn’t noticed before.  Prob­a­bly because I don’t run around the level with a sniper rifle exam­in­ing every­thing.  I never saw the can­is­ter with the body under the stairs or some of the writ­ing hid­den through­out the level.  If you don’t know how to acti­vate the radios or play the music in Kino der Toten, this video will show you how.   It is school how Tre­yarch is try­ing to build a sto­ry­line that con­nects the Black Ops Zom­bie lev­els to the WaW zom­bie lev­els.  Some of that sto­ry­line is in the easter eggs seen here. (Don’t bother watch­ing past 4:00 or so.  All the inter­est­ing stuff is at the beginning)


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